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Graduating from Leicester University with a PGCE, after a BSc (Hons) degree in Combined Sciences, Lindsay began her Primary teaching career some 20 years ago in Bolton. Career advancement took her to Salford where she  developed her passion for teaching Maths and became a Leading Maths Teacher for the National Numeracy strategy.
In 2001, the opportunity arose to join the National Numeracy Strategy Team as a Primary Maths Consultant in Tameside, in which role Lindsay rapidly became acknowledged as a dedicated, creative and focused consultant, adept at clearly identifying areas for improvement, and developing and helping implement action plans.


When Tameside MBC closed down its Curriculum Development Unit, Lindsay took the chance to establish Abel Education Ltd and has continued her invaluable work not only with Schools in and around Tameside, but also in Yorkshire and the North West. In addition this has given her the chance to explore other opportunities internationally, particularly in the Far East and Africa.

‘Working with teachers to support children in seeing the value and beauty of mathematics’ is Abel Education’s mission statement – creating the interest in both teachers and children to develop their skills, understanding and mathematical proficiency.

In the current climate, when budgets are under intense pressure, Abel Education Ltd aims to work with schools to make staff and school development and improvement as economic and affordable as possible. The creation of School networks and partnerships, facilitated by Abel Education Ltd, provides Schools, both large and small, with the
opportunity to benefit from the shared delivery of a number of consultancy and training initiatives.

Working alongside Senior Management Teams, Lindsay will help identify concerns regarding the teaching and learning of mathematics and children’s progress and attainment throughout the primary years.  In strengthening middle levels of school leadership, Lindsay aims to develop effective, knowledgeable and motivated subject leaders who have a clear vision for the future development of mathematics throughout schools.  Subject leaders are supported in identifying and developing those aspects of the mathematics teaching and learning that inhibit continuity and consistency of provision, and sharing best practice with their colleagues.


Support includes guidance on how to identify the needs of the school involving data analysis, planning and work scrutinies, lesson observations and pupil interviews. In providing assistance with the writing, monitoring and evaluation of School mathematics Action Plans, Lindsay is able to identify professional development needs as well as bespoke CPD for teachers and teaching assistants. Working with Subject Leaders, individual teachers, teaching assistants or children, Abel Education’s practical approach helps the development of the understanding, teaching and learning of mathematics throughout the School.

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