Abel and Ethical in Calderdale!

Working with Jo Campbell’s Ethical Education group, Abel Education is now providing dedicated Primary Maths support for two primary schools in Calderdale, with further programmes being finalised.

Following on from delivering the Maths Network at The Shay in February, and the Practical Mathematics sessions at the beginning of March at Ethical Education’s NQT Conference at Heath Training and Development Centre in Halifax, 19 April sees back to back sessions on the ‘Teaching of Fractions’ ¬†[session 1, between 0900-1200 covering years 1 to 3, and session 2, between 1300-1600 covering years 4 to 6] being delivered at the same venue.

A busy month ends with another half day session on 29 April, from 0900-1200 at the¬†Heath Training and Development Centre, entitled ‘Using Numicon in EYFS and Year 1′

To reserve your places on these sessions, please contact admin@ethicaleducation.co.uk, or for further information, please contact Lindsay Shaw at either abeleducationltd @gmail.com or via this website’s contact page

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